Guided Walking Safaris

Many of Welgevonden’s lodges offer morning bush walks under the guidance and protection of experienced rangers, allowing you an entirely unique, organic and intimate interaction with the reserve’s topography and amazing array of wildlife.

Furthermore, being on foot helps to bring into focus some of the smaller animals and insects that you would usually miss from a vehicle. Guides can often give you a rare insight into the herbs and grasses used in traditional medicine too.

Some of Welgevonden’s guided bush walks also take in the ancient San rock paintings found in Welgevonden.

Numbers on the walking safaris are usually restricted to a maximum of 8 people and there are only a limited number of rangers that can take these special tours, so reservation is usually advised before arrival at Welgevonden.

If staying at the lodge in Kololo Reserve just on the outside of Welgevonden itself, this area is fenced off from Welgevonden and is only home to ‘safe’ game, so you can also enjoy this area on mountain bike or on foot without a guide if you prefer.